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Not Only Do We Do It Right & Do It Quick But: We come highly qualified, delivering actual results! We are affordable as well as fair and honest and we don't talk in riddles... just to name a few reasons! Plus, Altenburg Construction Inc.® is the leading

®Slat Replacement Professionals® in the U.S.A.!

Altenburg Construction Inc.® was established in 1994 by founder, Andrew Altenburg.  We are recognized as the leading ®Slat Replacement Professionals® in the U.S.A

We have completed 3400+ hog and cattle barns to date, replacing 26,000 slats in 2017 alone! The company continually works on improving installation techniques, diversifying into other maintenance issues, and educating our clients with visual examples of problems.

We started grouting and coving new barns in 1996 in Southern MN, for several slat manufacturers and pork producers. That led to some small repairs of slated floors and patching around feeder pads. We used some equipment made by a slat manufacturer which lead to the equipment we have today. Our equipment has been designed and updated to make the process as efficient as possible. Our team can replace a 1000 head barn in just 3 days, giving the producer minimal down time.

Sometimes owners have a preferred slat manufacturer they like to work with. Our company works with all slat producers and we’ll get estimates for them. Altenburg Construction Inc.® strives to finish the project in a timely and professional manner, fixing both small and big problems.

While doing the on-site inspections, we inform the o/m/f (Owner – Manager – Farmer) of the problem area that we see. These areas could potentially create a dangerous situation for the barn, pigs, and people. The o/m/f (Owner – Manager – Farmer) will then have the knowledge to look for areas that may be concerning in the future.

Altenburg Construction Inc.® is based in Lewisville, Minnesota. We have done work in many regions of Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, and have the equipment to travel throughout the United States.


Altenburg Construction Inc.® sponsors: Altenburg Motorsports, Jason Cummings (racer), the late-model class at Deer Creek Speedway and a night of racing at Fairmont Raceway in MN.



Altenburg Construction Inc.®

was founded.


2002 - First buggies developed and used.

2007 - Business moved to Lewisville, MN


2011 - Replaced 10,000 slats that year.

2015 - Replaced 13,500 slats.

2016 - Patented buggies we developed.


Altenburg Construction Inc.® was founded in 1994.

I grew up around agriculture all my life, having helped with crop farming, hogs, cattle & chickens.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life!

I recycle old newspapers into animal bedding in the late 80's early 90's.

Which lead me to working for a large hog farmer, that lead to grouting of barns

part-time. Along the way, I learned the details of modern hog production, equipment and barn layouts.

The grouting lead to repair and replacement of slats and beams, I developed equipment to make the process effective and quick in order to keep the down-time to the very minimum!

I have installed equipment, hauled manure, and worked in every facet of modern pork production.

Our Goal is to do the Best Job as Quick as Possible to Prevent Long Down-time.

Therefore, Giving You the Best Value for Your Dollar!